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带蛹恶鬼: Works from the Permanent Collection

8月. 30 - 12月. 17, 2022


开幕酒会:9月. 8, 6 - 8 p.m.

This exhibition features selections from hundreds of self-taught artworks in the permanent collection of the 巴伦和埃林·戈登美术馆. With many works made from found and repurposed materials, with their visual commentary on communities and the hellish costs of social ills, 他们支持可持续发展的主题——社会, 环境, economic—during ODU's themed semester this fall. 的 exhibition likewise includes several candidates for future display across campus as public art.

Accompanying the 50 artworks on view are selections of folk and traditional music reflecting communities in areas where the artists have lived and worked. 社会不平等和公民权利, 灵性, 庆祝与贫穷, 爱与死亡, longing and protest all are part of the everyday lives expressed here through sight and sound.



Affectionately nicknamed "Gordon" after the art galleries' namesakes—Baron and Ellin Gordon—this innovative telepresence robot allows remote visits from around the world.

Gordon can move around the space, raise and lower height, zoom in on art. 的 remote driver can interact live with staff in the galleries and also invite 朋友, 的同事们, 和学生们一起参观.

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Proceeds support arts programming and educational opportunities at ODU.


Muhammad Ansi, 2016, Untitled (Hands Holding Flowers through Bars), Acrylic on paper. 8.5 x 11英寸

1月. 21 - 2022年5月7日

艺术来自Guantánamo Bay

重新安排开业酒会. 27, 6 - 8 p.m.

Detainees at the United States military prison camp known as Guantánamo Bay have made art from the time they arrived. 的 艺术来自Guantánamo Bay 此次展览展出了101件这样的发人深思的作品, 由未经审判的人制造的, 有些工作了15年以上. 的 six artists include both current (Moath Al Alwi and Ahmed Rabbani) and former (Muhammad Ansi, Abdualmalik (Alrahabi) Abud, Sabri Al Qurashi, Mansoor Adayfi)拘留者, none of whom have been charged with committing a crime.

Most pieces in the exhibition were taken from Guantánamo by the detainees' attorneys for this showing and following a laborious process of searching, 扫描, analysis for hidden messages by Guantánamo officials. A stamp reading "Approved by US Forces" signals that a work has been cleared, the stamp's ink often bleeds through to the image on the other side, 创造了艺术和权威的鬼魅混合体.

艺术来自Guantánamo Bay includes 图纸 and paintings as well as sculptures crafted with the few materials permitted to detainees, 包括用衬衫废料做的船模型, 祈祷帽, 剃须刀, 和拖把. As former detainee Mansoor Adayfi explains in his New York Times essay "In Our Prison on the Sea," the sea "means freedom that no one can control or own, 人人享有自由.“尽管被拘留者被关押在靠近大海的地方, tarps blocked their view until they were removed for four days in 2014 in anticipation of a hurricane; after that, Adayfi回忆, "all of those who could draw made 图纸 about the sea."

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DesignHer: Works by Contemporary 女性 Graphic Designers

8月. 30 - 11月. 12, 2022

DesignHer: Works by Contemporary 女性 Graphic Designers

11月闭幕酒会. 10, 6 - 8 p.m.

DesignHer is an exhibition of contemporary graphic design focusing on women practitioners. Highlighting how women have been at the forefront of defining and challenging the conceptions of design, the exhibition presents a sampling of the various purposes design is put to in our culture and the motivations that prompted its use. Participants range from younger artists building a reputation to internationally renowned leaders in the discipline, works range from individually crafted objects to mass media campaigns.


4月. 28日- 2022年5月7日


开幕酒会. 28, 6 - 8 p.m.

男爵和埃林·戈登画廊到场 最佳使用日期:, an exhibition of works by the Spring 2022 graduating class of Bachelor of Fine 艺术 majors at 老道明大学.

A work of art can last forever, yet every exhibition has an expiration date. 随着宝博游戏大厅正版在ODU的时间即将结束, 宝博游戏大厅正版意识到时间在流逝, 有时感觉就像架子上的东西. An expiration date is a reminder of our finiteness. 宝博游戏大厅正版广泛的媒体, 包括绘画, 照片, 图纸, screen/ relief prints explores themes of nostalgia, 个人发展, 以及对生命本身的体验. As we begin a new chapter, we encourage viewers to celebrate this transition.


  • Mylahn帕森斯
  • 埃里克•史密斯
  • 罗杰·埃文斯
  • 恩典McCrery
  • 冬青城堡
  • 艾米丽·瓦萨尔
  • 谢丽尔Cushing-Oman
  • 加贝巴内特
  • Shemeka丹尼尔斯
  • 彰巴恩斯
  • 多明尼克贝拉米
  • 杰达威尔逊

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从陪审员那里获得洞见 卡尔·弗洛伊德·麦德利三世 and students of the 2021年评审学生展览 in this in-depth look at the show! 祝贺学生Lyn Dowling (21), 安德烈·雅各布斯(21年), Korrine Maher ('21) whose artwork has been selected by the ODU President and First Lady from the Juried Student Exhibition for display in the Jacobson House presidential residence for the 2021-2022 academic year!


的 巴伦和埃林·戈登美术馆 exhibit works by nationally and internationally recognized self-taught artists, 在各种媒体中工作的当代艺术家, local and regional artists connected with 老道明大学.